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Welcome to Ricafrica.com!

We are excited to introduce you to Ricafrica.com, which has been established to connect small African businesses to the global market that seeks to celebrate African heritage and innovations. We are working closely with entrepreneurs, from various countries across Africa, to help them expand to the United States market for African goods. We understand that just the thought of conducting international business can be daunting to many so, Ricafrica has a great team that will help businesses get set up with Ricafrica account and develop and execute a feasible action plan for high quality order fulfillment.

We invite small African businesses that produce high quality fashion, art and/or household goods to apply to 1) list and sell their products through Ricafrica.com and/or 2) to participate in our pop-up-shops. Sellers can sell a diverse array of fashion and art products on Ricafrica, with exceptions (see Terms and Conditions).


Selling on Ricafrica is easy and we have a great team that will work closely with you to determine the best solutions for your business.  Essentially, once your application is approved and you have completed your pilot shipment, you will be authorized to list your products for sale on Ricafrica.com and start processing orders.


How orders work for sellers

  1. Seller lists a product for sale on Ricafrica.com
  2. Buyer places an order for seller’s product
  3. Seller receives an email notification of product
  4. There are two options for order fulfillment:
    1. Seller can ship the order directly the buyer
    2. Ricafrica.com ships the order to the buyer
  5. When the order is complete the balance from the transaction will be settled within 3 business days


Ricafrica can help you ship products to buyers

Ricafrica.com encourages that sellers ship products directly to buyers. We however recognize that this may not be feasible for some businesses therefore, a seller may contract with Ricafrica for Ricafrica to distribute/ship their products to buyers, as per order. If Ricafrica is contracted to distribute a seller’s products, the seller would ship their products in bulk to Ricafrica then, Ricafrica will ship products to buyers as orders are made. Sellers will still have control over their listings in their Ricafrica online store and are responsible for all costs associated with shipping products to Ricafrica and to buyers. Additional storage and handling fees will apply.


Ricafrica helps with returns

One of the challenges of selling to international market is processing customer returns. Sellers can contract with Ricafrica to process buyers’ returns so that if a buyer wants to return a product they do not have to ship it back to the seller, they can ship it to Ricafrica instead. Ricafrica and sellers will work together to determine the best way to process returns. Storage and return processing fees will apply.


Eligibility to Sell on Ricafrica:

To be eligible to sell items on Ricafrica.com, each seller must meet the following requirements:

  1. Seller produces high quality fashion or art goods.
  2. Each item a seller intends to list for sale on Ricafrica.com has its final assembly or processing take place on the African continent (made in Africa).
  3. Seller is conscious, respectful and thoughtful about their treatment of designers, workers, culture, environment, sustainability, raw materials, wildlife, and all other persons and things (tangible and intangible) that are affected by the sourcing and sale of the products they intend to sell on Ricafrica.com.
  4. Seller can demonstrate that the sale of each item they list on Ricafrica.com economically benefits indigenous Africans, for example through wages or profit sharing.
  5. Seller can demonstrate that they plan to operate their relevant business for the foreseeable future. Ricafrica.com is not a platform for one-off or seasonal sales.



Ricafrica is currently in its Beta Test Phase (See Terms and Conditions for more information). During the Beta Test Phase sellers are charged 16% of the total transaction amount for an order. The total transaction amount includes the final price of the item, shipping charges, and other charges that are charged to a buyer. The total transaction charge excludes taxes. Additionally, sellers are charged at $0.30 listing fee for each product sold.


Apply to Sell

If you are interested in selling on Ricafrica.com please click on the “Apply to Sell” button below and register to create an account. We will review your application within 3 business days. If approved you will be required to conduct a pilot shipment to an address we will provide you in the United States before you can sell online. We will work closely with you to get you set up so, don’t fear!

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at info@ricafrica.com or use the contact form below.

If you have already been approved to sell on Ricafrica please register for an account below.

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