Yaw I: Turquoise, Gold and Brown Combo Tie Back and Adjustable Ear Loop Filter Pocket Face Mask

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This featured face mask is a part of Ricafrica’s new Double Entendre Fall clothing collection, inspired by the nuances and complexities of women that often make us go unappreciated or misunderstood. The capsule collection is characterized by complex African print fabrics that are paired together to create unique pieces that are sure to stand out in a  crowd.

Stay safe with our new collection of combo tie back and adjustable earloop face masks, offering maximum flexibility and comfort (see video below). These reusable and reversible full closure face masks are handmade in Ghana.

Masks are reversible with a black side for a more toned down look. Our new masks include 3 layers of fabric and a pocket for filters. Our adjustable ear loop masks provide flexibility in size so that just about anyone can fit these stylish masks. Simply loop the strand into a loop and adjust until it is the right size then tie a knot to ensure it stays in place! Adult face masks measure about 5.25" height and 11" width (excluding straps). Children's face masks measure 4.25" height and 9" width (excluding straps). For extra precautions we washed the masks upon delivery from Ghana. Patterns will vary slightly vary from product to product because they are custom made with print fabric.