*Kwadwo V: Rust Mud Cloth Print Cushion

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Add some beautiful mud cloth-inspired print to your home or office with these beautiful accent cushions covers are handmade in Ghana with 100% quality cotton fabric that is also made Ghana. The print designs on the cushions are inspired by mud cloth, also known as 

Mud cloth, also known as bògòlanfini or bogolan, a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. Narrow strips of handwoven cotton are stitched together into a whole cloth, then painted with patterns and symbols using a variety of natural dyes, including river mud that has been aged up to one year. These cushions are not made with mud cloth but, their print is inspired by  prints that can be found on mud cloth. 

These lovely cushions are available in additional colors. 

Cushion covers measure 20" x 20" and features invisible zips. We recommend filling them with 22"x22" cushion inserts for very full cushions (i.e. in the featured image). You can also opt to have us include cushion covers with your purchase. Cushions are made with 100% Cotton covers and 100% ultra soft polyester fiber filler.