Jambo (Hello) Beautiful!

We are so glad to have you here!

Ricafrica is where people come to connect. To connect with the talented African creatives who make the breath taking pieces in our curated collection of African apparel, accessories and beauty products. And also to connect with other Africa enthusiasts around the world who want to learn more about and celebrate African creativity in all its forms including music, film, literature, etc. That is why we are launching RicaTribe-- to deepen and sustain the connections made through Ricafrica.

What is RicaTribe?

RicaTribe is a collective of African creatives and Africa enthusiasts around the world, who share a common interest in the beauty of Africa and the creativity of her people. We invite ALL to join our tribe, where together we broaden and deepen our knowledge and appreciation for all things African, through exchange of ideas, events, discussions and more.

How do you join RicaTribe?

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