About Us



Svikai! Wamukelekile! (Welcome in Shona and Zulu, respectively)


Welcome to Ricafrica.com, founded to provide enriching experiences of Africa to anyone, anywhere through educational art and culture programming and our curated collection of creative goods that are sourced from artisans and small businesses across the continent.



1. Shop African Creative Goods

One of the ways we are helping people connect to the motherland is through our curated collection of African creative goods that can be purchased online or in store. Everything in our store is made in Africa and ethically sourced from talented artisans and entrepreneurs from across the continent. Learn more about us and our creative partners.


2. Visit our African hub in South Shore, Chicago

Ricafrica is evolving! Thanks to the South Shore Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, we will be opening our first physical space soon. Ricafrica was selected to participate in the Chamber's Artisan Collective program, which includes residence in their shared retail space, located in the Historic South Shore, Chicago. 
Our space isn't going to be just another store front, it will be an African hub that will help South Side residents and visitors feel more connected to the motherland through our store for African creative goods and educational events, for the whole family, about African history and culture.  Our African hub will be located at  1735 E 71st St, Chicago, IL 60649. You can view our store hours here. To stay up to date on our official opening, sign up for our newsletter here.

3. Connect with us

Sign up for our newsletter and/or connect with us on social media, @realricafrica, to keep up with all things Ricafrica including deals,  events and African news!




Ubuntu is an African philosophy that asserts that we exist because of each other, that is, our existence is intertwined. It is often interpreted to be, “I am because you are”. This community oriented view means that Ricafrica welcomes both strangers to and members of the African community, and treats all with a sincere warmth. We believe that everyone can celebrate and benefit from African creativity in an ethical, sustainable and respectful way.



We strive to build trust from creatives to buyers and between all those in our community so that we can all believe in and have confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of each other. 



We embrace and promote authenticity as we bridge connections that go beyond borders. Our products are authentic, our experiences are authentic and we invite you to bring your fully authentic self to Ricafrica experiences. We are all things African and all things you!



Mhoro Shamwari (Hello Friend in Shona),


Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! If you have ever traveled anywhere in Africa, you probably received numerous welcomes just about everywhere you went. The hospitality in the motherland knows no bounds and does not discriminate-- we are keeping that same energy here at Ricafrica!


I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and my love for the motherland goes as far back as I can remember. The people, the land, the culture and the creativity of Africa are simply astounding! I founded Ricafrica to create a safe space to celebrate African heritage. A space where people from all over the world can experience Africa through the unique creative goods you can find in our online and physical stores, and through rich art and culture programming.


Ricafrica is impacted focused: we want to bridge meaningful connections to Africa so that anyone who encounters anything Ricafrica, walks away from the encounter feeling that much more connected and empowered. Outside of Africa, we want to help people feel more connected with the motherland and/or empowered with more knowledge to help them process the world around them, and their place in it. On the other hand we are helping our African partners share their stories and creativity with the world, in a way that strengthens their craft, businesses and communities. We can't do this alone-- it will take a village to bridge meaningful connections and empower a global community. So, iwe invite all who are interested in partnering with us to reach out and see if we can make something beautiful happen together!


I welcome you with a warmth, reminiscent of the African sun, and invite you to join in on our celebration of Africa!


Amani (peace in Swahili),





Ricafrica is South Shore Chamber of Commerce TAC resident, a a semi-finalist for the University of Chicago’s Polsky Center Alumni New Venture Challenge, a finalist for the South Side Pitch and is a National Science Foundation designee.