Zawadi: Black and Gold Bead and Chain Shoulder Jewelry

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Take your accessorizing game to the next level with this stunning shoulder bling that was handmade in Kenya by a woman-owned business, Epic African Jewellery.


Message from the designer:

They were designed by Sharon Wendo, the owner, who says they were "

inspired by kipepeo (a butterfly) which represents the strong, brave and resilient woman, who through it all, in any type of situation, will come out of it, not only better but stronger. We celebrate all women and thank you all for the continued support. This piece is dedicated to all of you."


Shoulder jewelry comes in one size, which should fit small to x-large because it is worn with flexible elastic bands that stretch across your back and that you put your hands through. If you are not sure about the size, please contact us with your relevant sizing information. 


Pair it with this dazzling face bling, also from Epica African Jewelry!