If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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Author: Ricafrica

Fatima Handwork is a woman-owned business based out of Teshie Ghana. It was founded by Janet Pobee-Biney (featured image). She makes all sorts of African inspired accessories some of which you can find here

Ditsala Designs' jewelry is handmade in South Africa, using materials sourced from African suppliers; our suppliers are not normal suppliers but come from rural areas supporting cultural wealth of particular areas. Our designs are unique, exclusive, original and of

Mawoko Fine Crafts is a community project that is based in Zimbabwe. Mawoko means ‘hands’. Mawoko empowers women and youth through skills training. Members of the Mawoko team are trained in different skill sets. Some are trained in crotchet,

‘Ubuntu’, one of Ricafrica’s values, describes the communal and interconnected quality of African culture. Ubuntu has its roots in the Zulu phrase, ‘Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’, which literally translates to, ‘a person is a person through another person’. It is also often

Gerald is tailor who is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Gerald makes all the head wraps that are sold on Ricafrica.com. Head Wraps hold ancient cultural and spiritual significance in African communities that have persisted through generations. Click here to view

Much of the beadwork sold by Ricafrica is sourced from Maasai artisans and traders. Yiankaso, who is pictured did the final assembly of Maasai beaded earrings available on our website. The Maasai tribe, located in the Central and Southern

Although Peter is currently based in South Africa, he is half Kenyan, half Ethiopian. Says he got into the business of making and selling African creative goods because he was born into it; His mother was an entrepreneur, doing the

Naturelle is a young company that was founded by Sarah Chitambo (pictured) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sarah is a multidisciplinary creative working in both the fashion and film industries in South Africa.  Her fashion line, Naturelle, uses African and urban influences

Suave is all about breathing new life into old. We work with second hand traders, factories and tanneries where we source our material from off cut fabrics and unwanted leather. Our brand ethos is Sustainable Fashion through revitalization and repurposing.