We believe

African heritage and innovation plays a critical role in global advancement and must be recognized accordingly

We exsist

to help the world celebrate African heritage and innovation in a way that enables Africans to benefit fully from their contributions

We provide

a one-stop-shop for classic and contemporary goods made on the African continent

About Us

Ricafrica is an African-owned, National Science Foundation (NSF) designated start-up, whose goal is to achieve authentic, respectful and symbiotic exchange between Africa and the world. Ricafrica was inspired by the disconnect between Africa and those outside of Africa who seek to embrace and celebrate African heritage and advancement. The disconnect is complicated: it is physical, it is social, it is political, it is economic and so much more. Ricafrica was established to bridge this disconnect.

Ricafrica includes a unique online marketplace that makes goods made in Africa accessible to the global marketplace. African businesses showcase and sell their products on Ricafrica so that people around the world can learn more about, celebrate and purchase their designs and innovations. Through these interactions and transactions Ricafrica will change and take control of the narrative of the African continent and all that it entails: the creativity, diversity, innovation and unique stories of the continent will finally be made known and accessible to all.

Ricafrica will also be hosting pop-up-shops where we will sell vendors’ products. Sign up for our newsletter below to keep up with our events.


Beta Testing Phase

Ricafrica desires that the website and order fulfillment processes be tested and modified prior to our official launch. Ricafrica refers to this phase as the Beta Testing Phase (BTP). Ricafrica is currently in its BTP. During the BPT, anyone who enters or uses the Ricafrica.com is considered a beta tester and agrees to serve as beta testers for Ricafrica.com. See Terms and Conditions for further information.

Celebrating African Heritage and Innovations