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Who We Are: A one-stop-shop for all things African.


Why We Exisit: To create symbiotic connections between Africa and the rest of the World.


What We Do: Provide the most authentic experiences of Africa to anyone, anywhere and ensure that the African continent benefits fully its contributions to the World.

Letter from the Founder

Ndeipi Shamwari (Hi friend)!

I am Kim, the founder of Ricafrica.

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and have since then lived and traveled throughout various African countries. During my adventures across the continent, my admiration for African creativity was birthed and nurtured. With thousands of ethnic groups accross the continent, one cannot begin to imagine the breadth of creativity that abounds in the motherland.

When I moved to the US for to further my education, I witnessed a growing interest in African culture and creativity, however, noticed that access authentic African creative goods was limited.

I recognized the glaring opportunity to bridge the gap between African enthusiasts and appreciators around the world, and the talented African creatives in Africa. Furthermore, I recognized the missed opportunity to address the daunting challenge of unemployment and poverty across the African continent because, demand for African creativity has been often satisfied by counterfeit or “African inspired” goods, with little to no benefits to African creatives on the continent.

Consequently, I created Ricafrica.com, an online store that connects Africa to the world so that anyone anywhere can celebrate the motherland’s creativity, while African creatives benefit fully from their contributions to the global creative industry.

We have curated a collection of unique African accessories that we hope will help you express your true self and perhaps even your love for Africa. Together with the African creatives who made the pieces in our collection, I invite you to join in the celebration of our beautiful continent and all that it represents.


~ Kim


2019 University of Chicago Alumni New Venture Challenge Semi-Finalist
National Science Foundation Designee
Finalist for the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School’s 2018 South Side Pitch



AUTHENTICITY – Ricafrica strives to provide the most authentic experience of Africa to anyone, anywhere. Everything sold by Ricafrica is made in Africa!


UBUNTU – Ricafrica treats both strangers to and members of the African community with a sincere warmth. We are, as Archbishop Desmond Tutu put it,  “open and available to others, affirming of others … [we have] a proper self-assurance.”


TRUST – We are building trust from manufacturer to buyer so that Ricafrica and its stakeholders can believe and have confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of each other.

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