Ricafrica.com is an online marketplace for authentic African goods. Our mission is to enable African entrepreneurs and businesses to participate actively in the global marketplace and benefit fully, while showcasing and making accessible all the brilliance that the African continent has to offer the world. We do this by providing a platform and supportive services for African individuals and businesses to sustainably sell goods directly to buyers around the world, and by providing the global market with tools to easily curate our database to discover and access African goods, in a way that celebrates and respects African heritages and advancements.

We recognize the diversity entrenched in the word “African,” and aim to showcase this diversity, not only through the goods sold, but also through the stories told by our sellers. Critical to our mission is building skills, educating and empowering African entrepreneurs and businesses to participate fully in the ever changing global economy.

Ricafrica is currently in its beta test phase, meaning that  the site and its features are still being tested, and the policies and terms and conditions are a work in progress. During the beta phase selling and buying on Ricafrica is restricted. Learn more.

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