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Ricafrica's mission is to achieve authentic, respectful and symbiotic exchange between Africa and the world

Who We Are:

Ricafrica was inspired by the disconnect between Africa and those outside of Africa who seek to embrace and celebrate African heritage and innovations. The disconnect is complicated: it is physical, it is social, it is political, it is economic and so much more. Ricafrica was established to bridge this disconnect.

Sell on Ricafrica.com
Ricafrica provides an online platform for you to sell your products to new markets. We also provide business development services to help you succeed in the global marketplace.
Buy on Ricafrica.com
Ricafrica provides a one-stop-shop for authentic African fashion. Buying is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Browse listed products, when you see what like add it to the cart and check out securely with your credit card or PayPal account.

Ethics and Values
Sellers on Ricafrica.com commit to being conscious, respectful and thoughtful about their treatment of designers, workers, culture, environment, sustainability, raw materials, wildlife, and all other persons and things (tangible and intangible) that are affected by the sourcing and sale of the products they intend to sell on Ricafrica.com.